Tubopress Italia S.R.L.

contatti Tubopress Italia s.r.l.
Tubopress Italia s.r.l.
Via Rodolfo Morandi, 66 20054 Segrate (MI) Italy
+39 02 / 2133262 IT08264270151 Send an e-mail

Commercial Area

contatti Vito Pappagallo
Vito Pappagallo
Sales Manager
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contatti Domenico Montefinese
Domenico Montefinese
Purchase Manager
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contatti Roberta Ilgrande
Roberta Ilgrande
Supplier & Customer Care (Italy)
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contatti Dorina Lula
Dorina Lula
Supplier and Customer Care (foreign countries)
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contatti Alice Ingrassia
Alice Ingrassia
Team Assistant
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contatti Ruth Sutter
Ruth Sutter
Sales Representative (Germany/Switzerland/Austria)
Firstpack GmbH Birkweg 4 D-41469 Neuss
Tel (+49)2137 912325 Fax (+49)2137 912323 Send an e-mail

Administrative Area

contatti Carla Fontana
Carla Fontana
General Accounting and Personnel
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contatti Simona Raziano
Simona Raziano
Administrative Assistant
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Technical Area

contatti Thomas Le Duff
Thomas Le Duff
Production and Quality Assurance Director
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contatti Gianluigi Lombardi
Gianluigi Lombardi
Quality Manager
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contatti Elisa Pennati
Elisa Pennati
Production Planning and Artworks
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contatti Cinzia Bertolino
Cinzia Bertolino
Decoration Technical Supervisor
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