Tubopress Galileo Pellegrini

Galileo Pellegrini


Tubopress Giovanna Pellegrini

Giovanna Pellegrini


Our Mission

Key players of Tubopress Italia's mission are : Galileo Pellegrini, Bachelor of Science Degree in Electronic Engineering confirmed by Technical University of Milan in 1962; Giovanna Pellegrini, University Diploma of Interpreting and Translation, earned by the Upper School "Silvio Pellico" of Milan in 1989 and Bachelor's Degree of Foreign Languages and Literatures, earned by IULM University of Milan in 1992.

"Our point of view? Winning is teamwork, and we are a team truly. We have always believed in our abilities completely and pursued our dreams through hard and unending efforts. We have gained the best gratification through exhilaration and enthusiasm of our technological generation, but also thanks to our attitude towards strong dedication and conviction. We are so sensitive that we do not miss the opportunities we meet. In our opinion we firmly believe in the chance achieved with talent and perseverance, instead of fortune. We decided to stand on the market with a prestigious and original packaging, as a result  of our intuition, and deserving to satisfy our ambitious customers".